PLUSfoam Makes Recycling Easy

Are you ready to recycle something? If not, keep reading below to learn more.

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We make it easier to make Smarter...Better decisions when buying new products

Everything made with PLUSfoam has zero manufacturing waste and is 100% recyclable after you’re done using it.

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Buy a Product with PLUSfoam

With over 25 brands using PLUSfoam in anything from dog toys to yoga mats, be sure to look for the 100% recyclable PLUSfoam hang-tag at your favorite stores.

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Enjoy PLUSfoam's Benefits

Products made using PLUSfoam typically last longer and perform better than goods made of other materials. All of our material is non-microbial and gets grippier when wet.

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Recycle & Get Rewarded

Nothing lasts forever. That's why we created the world first online reclaim system that incentivizes you to send back your PLUSfoam product to be recycled.

The Reclaim & Recycling Process

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1. Ready to Recycle? Head to

PLUSfoam is a 100% recyclable. When you're finished with your PLUSfoam product, you can return it to us and we'll use it to make new goods. No more landfill! And it's easy...just hop on, click "Recycle Now" and choose your brand.

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2. Print Out Your Return Shipping Label and Drop Your Product in the Mail

We'll take it from there. Once it arrives in one of our reclaim facilities, it will be sorted and recycled into new material. It's a win-win-win. You're happy because you've done something good for the world. We're happy because we get to reuse the material. The world is happy because it doesn't have to swallow any more garbage!

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3. Once we receive your product we will e-mail you a reward

All of our brand partners have the opportunity to offer a reward to you for recycling your PLUSfoam product. Rewards are established by each brand and can provide you with meaningful savings on your next purchase from them.

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