PLUSfoam Brand Usage Guidelines

Pantone 16-4529 TPX

Pantone 18-4247 TPX

Pure Black

Optic White

Usage In Print or Web Publications

Registered trademark must appear in full color, with legible "circle R" symbol, once within the frame of reference to establish branded and registered association with the word mark. Thereafter the "common form" spelling may be used in mono color to avoid repetition and graphic redundancies. Common form spelling is PLUSfoam and must not deviate from this format.


(BRAND) uses 100% recyclable PLUSfoam in place of standard EVA foam and rubber in the making of (PRODUCT NAME). Using PLUSfoam allows us to minimize and in some cases eliminate manufacturing waste from the production process and allows us to reclaim and recycle the used products once customers are finished using them. Please visit to learn more about returning your consumer products made using PLUSfoam.

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